Virtual Kingdom Arts & Sciences 2020

Event Registration Information

Our Financial Committee has waived the Event Registration costs since this is a virtual event! On the morning of the event, we will have a “Gate Form” that we would like all attendees to fill out so we can know who is participating in the event in this format.

Championship Information

There will be no Championship competition this year.
Due to the restrictive nature of virtual meetings which eliminate certain entry types from full fair consideration (cooking, brewing, performance, etc) as well as the inability to fully examine an item over video, we felt as though proceeding with the championship would be unfair and limiting.
We hope to see you all enter next year with your amazing entries!

Entrant’s Information

Due to the virtual nature of this year’s event, the format of the event has necessarily changed as well. Anyone wishing to enter their project may do so. Each entry will have a separate information page which will be listed below by the name of the Entrant. After an entrant has filled out the Submission Form, they will be contacted by our Event Staff to ensure we can build their information page with the correct information.

New this year: A Display-Only category will be available. This will allow you to display your items without a feedback session. This is a wonderful option and hope it will encourage many more entries.

Feedback Sessions will be available. You may choose to sign up for a feedback session through a virtual meeting. Please be aware that these may be limited, as not everyone in the kingdom has the equipment, internet connection, and/or technical knowledge to act as a judge/mentor remotely, so judges may be at even more of a premium this year. We will assign sessions first come/served and will only honor multiple feedback sessions for multiple entries by one person after all requestors have at least one session assigned. The virtual rooms for feedback sessions will be assigned. You will receive communication before the event with your room information and time.

Entry Submission Form

The Submission Form will be open from 6/27/2020 – 7/12/2020. The Event Staff will confirm your submission via email and request the information needed for your Entry Information Page (documentation, photos, description text, etc) along with the required Release Forms. All information requested will be required to be submitted by 7/12/2020 to ensure that Event Staff have time to build the pages.

Entries List

Entries by Category

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Entries by Local Group

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Judges & Feedback Session Information

Entrants will have the option to have their entry scheduled for a Feedback Session based on the Kingdom Arts & Sciences criteria. The Event Staff will pair Judges with Entrants based on the Arts & Sciences Judges Database. If you are interested in serving as a judge for this event, please sign up or update your entry in the Database.

Once we have scheduled Judges for each entry, we will be scheduling a conference call and provide the relevant meeting information to the Entrant and each Judge.